Táborozás a Balatonnál megfizethető áron

Open-air school

Our hostel provides splendid opportunities for organizing various open-air school programmes. Enquiries of educational instituions are more than welcome.

During a forest school programme students gain an insight into the wonderful life of forests and fields, they can get to know different living creatures on the spot, they can make friends with animals. The purpose of such programmes is to give children the opportunity to gain personal experiences, become fond of nature and unnoticed, in a playful way recognize important connections like the fragile systems of habitats.

The diversified geographical environment of the West-Balaton region, its flora and fauna (which also include protected species), the vast selection of cultural and historical relics of the area provide a perfect basis for activities connected to the plan of tuition - in topics like ecology, geology, natural protection, history, arts, ethnography. In a playful manner, in competitions, children can test and compare their knowlegde they have gathered in the "wilderness".

Over and above the collection of new knowledge our visitors can also enjoy creating something new if they take part in the different handicraft programmes, which will definitely improve their creativity.

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Erdei iskola áraink

- Vadóctanya - Gyenesdiás: 3500 Ft/fő/éj

Ágyneműmosatás (1-2 éj esetén fizetendő): 1000 Ft/fő

- reggeli: 800 Ft
- ebéd: 1500 Ft
- vacsora: 1200 Ft

Erdei iskola áraink csak a szállás és étkezés együttes igénybevétele esetén érvényesek, csak szállás igénylése esetén az egyéni üdülési áraink érvényesek.


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