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Programme ideas in Gyenesdiás

Gyenesdiás is a pleasant resort village located at Lake Balaton, in the West-Balaton region, at the foot of Keszthely-Hills, in the vicinity of Keszthely. It has favourable features with regards to tourism, it is an ideal destination for all age groups, it provides outstanding possibilities for a wide range of activities: relaxation, entertainment, sports, excursions etc.

Beach, lido

In Gyenesdiás 2 beaches can be found at the lake shore:

Playing beach of Diás

The beach of Diás is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area, it is a true paradise for children: among others a giant slide (with 1 free slide), a paddling pool and a jungle jim ship await children. For those how prefer active relaxation beach volleyball fields with bleachers and night lighting, beach football, streetball pitches, open-water water polo pool, ping-pong tables, open-air large scale board games are available and people can compare their dexterity and knowledge on sports competitions and programmes organized by animators. The beach also provides a large area for sunning, surrounded by the shades of trees. Other services available: restaurants, snack bars, sports equipment hire, free parking, covered store area for bicycles, safe deposit.

Lido of Gyenes

On the western part of the village there is a smaller lido with sand-beach and a peaceful, family atmoshere. Due to its playground and large sand pit this lido is popular among families with small children. Older children can enjoy playing on the sandy beach football field or can hire a paddle boat.

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Further programme ideas, active recreation

Over and above the fun on the beach Gyenesdiás offers countless other recreational possibilities:

Sailing, angling

With the boats of the local Yacht Club and the Pelsoline company you can make a pleasant trip on Lake Balaton. The angling camps and the port of the local anglers' club provide a wide range of services to a angling enthusiasts.

Horse riding

Fans of the equestrian sport find a dozen of riding schools, and they can discover the country individually and on star tours.

Bowling, billiard, tennis, squash

In the Sportház there are 2 modern, air-conditioned squash courts, 2 bowling tracks and a billiard table. In the village you find several tennis courts too.

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Near Nagymező you find a well-equipped shooting range, where Tuesdays also amateurs can try shooting with different firearms on different sharp shooting fields - in safety, under professional supervision.


At the J&A Ceramic House one can see, how pottery ware is made, and those who wish, can try making them themselves.

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Bicycle tours, hiking

Gyenesdiás is an excellent spot for hiking, for roaming, as from the forest hiking centre, from Nagymező (Great Field) a great number of hiking routes lead to different sights of the surrounding country, like lookout towers or geological formations.

Places of interest

Nagymező, Festetics lookout tower, forest gymnastics path

Nagymező is a popular place of excursion, where tourists are offered with barbecue places, tables and benches (partly covered), and a football field. On the western rim of Nagymező different paths lead to the highest peak of Kerek-hegy (Round Hill), with a 3-storey high lookout. The Festetics lookout tower, which was renovated in 2000, offers a beautiful panoramic view of the Keszthely-Bay and the surrounding hills. The starting point of the 1300 m long forest gymnastics path (renovated in 2001) is also in Nagymező. It has got 16 gymnastic elements to try.

Berzsenyi lookout tower (Pető-Hill)

One of the best lookout towers of the Keszthely Hills can be found on the Pető Hill. It is called the Berzsenyi tower and was renovated in 2002.In clear weather you can almost see half of Transdanubia: Keszthely Bay, to the west the hills of Zala, and to the north-west the hills afar belong to the Alps. To the south you can see the hills of Somogy and beyond the Mecsek hill.

Kerek-hegy, Kűmell (Ördög-szikla)

Kűmell (appr. "stone breasts"): these 2 dolomite rocks with a height of nearly 30 m rising above the village provide an interesting sight. Most of their surface is covered with over 50-year old black pine trees; their strictly protected plants are the bee orchid and the iris arenaria with 30-40 blooming specimen yearly.


This cave opening located on one slope of the Ló-hill group - known to the locals as "Vadlánlik" for centuries -, is a rock cavity created by wind erosion and enlarged by manhand. Around the end of the 19. century locals used it as a secret distillery.


The disused gravel quarry on the slope of the hill has a peculiar surface created by water erosion, where - after mining activities stopped - nature has regained her territory and created something spectacular. From its northern slope one can enjoy a beautiful view of the lake.

Stove collection

With advance booking one can visit this private collection of appr. 400 pieces of 100-200 year old cast-iron stoves, which were renewed according to original catalogues.

Events, programmes

Every year, in the village from spring to autumn tourists and locals are pampered with programmes:

- End of April - "Blossoming" - Spring Celebration at Nagymező
- Pentecost - starting of the season, angling and fish-soup-making contest, folklore performance
- Wine Days - wine festival, cultural programmes, folk art market
- Every two weeks in high-season - "Parish Hall Evenings": concerts of classical music
- Saturdays in high-season - spectacular beach programmes, performances
- Early August - folklore festival
- 20-22 August - patronal festival of Saint Ilona and the celebration of foundation of the state and Saint Stephan I.
- Mid-September - Vintage feasts, vintage marching and dances

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