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Summer camp

Our youth hostel - true to its name - is ideal for arranging various programmes for children. In summer we regularly organize one-week "live-in" camps for children groups between the ages of 8-18 years.

The summer camp is typically characterized by carefree cheerfulness and self-forgetting entertainment; from the countless programmes everyone can find suitable one(s). There are plenty of pastime activities to choose from: games, plays, contests, sports, bathing in the lake, handicraft programmes, museum visits, musical programmes, dance evenings etc. During their holiday children enter into a new, out-of-the-ordinary world, where they face new
but also collect a number of new
collective experiences.

Our large courtyard with lots of greenery is very suitable for both relaxation, sports and for organizing different games. In case of bad weather programmes can be also arranged in the building, where a room for up to 80 people stands at your disposal.

As a matter of course participants also have the opportunity to explore the wide range of natural, historical and cultural attractions of the region, that offer interesting recreation.

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Summer camp for freshmen

It is an interesting and useful tradition to organize a summer camp for students who got admission to the same college/university, during which the basis of a strong community can be laid down. Our establishment is a perfect site for such a camp. We look forward to inquiries of student groups who wish to enjoy some cool parties at the shore of the "Hungarian see"
before they start a life full of responsibilities.

Nyári tábor áraink

- Vadóctanya - Gyenesdiás: 7000 Ft/fő/éj

- szállás kőépületben
- napi háromszori bőséges étkezés
- sportszerek használata (foci, kosár, röplabda, ping-pong, tollas)
- teremhasználat
- házimozi
- karaoke szett
- flipchart
- akár 20% kedvezmény a környékbeli programlehetőségekből (vitorlázás, állatsimogatás, lézerharc, stb.)


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